Direction for Use


Black Cat Colorants renews old faded mulch easily.  Simply shake the 16 ounce concentrated formula well and add into any two gallon garden sprayer, fill the sprayer with water, shake well again and spray mulch.  It’s that simple.  Our 16 ounce container, when diluted, will cover approximately 800 to 1000 square feet depending on heaviness of application.  Apply when mulch is relatively dry and there is no chance for rainfall within 2 hours.  If desired, for maximum color strength, a second application may be applied once the first application is dry (approx. 2 hrs).  If greater coverage is desired, apply colorant, wait 10 minutes, rake mulch bed to overturn uncovered pieces of wood and spray again.  

For small areas, use the 8 ounce container in a one gallon sprayer and shake well to cover 400-500 square feet.

For larger areas use our 32 ounce container (1600-2000 square feet) or use our one gallon size container (6400-8000 square feet).  Dilute the 32 ounce size of colorant with 4 gallons of water or dilute one gallon of our colorant with 16 gallons of water and shake well for best results.     

Care should be taken to avoid flowers, walkways, concrete, wood, siding, stone or other porous surfaces. If over spray does contact unwanted surfaces, rinse the surface immediately with water to avoid staining.



Keep out of reach of children.  Do not ingest.  In case of ingestion, drink water or milk to dilute.  Consult a physician.  In case of eye contact, flush with ample amounts of clean water and consult a physician.  Do not apply to feed crops.

Manufactured by Black Cat Colorants, LLC.  The manufacturer warrants this product to be as described on the label.  The manufacturer’s liability on this warranty is limited to return of the purchase price of this product.  The buyer assumes all risks and liability resulting from the use of this product.


Dispose of residue, container and rinse water according to local, state and federal laws.  Do not re-use this container.


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